How The Option Of On Line Transformer Oil Filtration Enhances The Machine Performance?

Earlier days it was real tough to maintain transformers, but today, there are technical solutions for transformers to deal with moisture. One is the paper dry out under which the transformer is de-energized and another is moisture abatement systems that are recently launched for use while transformer is on line. These on line transformer oil filtration systems offer maintenance personnel of electrical plants with usual moisture accumulation via dry out of the transformer oil.

On line transformer oil filtration

Why Moisture Is Problematic?

On a practical note, moisture gathers in all type of transformer designs over the years. 98-99% of moisture gets diffused in the tons of paper insulation, while the rest in the transformer oil.

When moisture content is overlooked by the user, power transformer can become wet over 15-25 years. This leads to dielectric experience and serious damage to transformers and this is why dehydration takes place. With years of build-up, severe damage is done to the insulation. When the moisture reaches at 4%, the paper gets 20 times old faster than at factory moisture level and high temperature leads to degradation.

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Off line transformer oil treatment is one of the conventional methods that work instantly on the paper insulation. However, companies did not find it very effective and cumbersome in use because the cost involved in this technique was more than off line oil filtration.

On Line Dehydration

Under this method, the paper insulation get dehydrate via insulation oil. On line dehydrating treatment for transformers is not intrusive. This is economical technique that maintains moisture level of the transformer. It brings about dehydration inside vacuum condition. The oil from transformer is forced into vacuum chamber via nozzle that develops a cone-shaped film with a huge surface. Air stream is impacted into the chamber that captures moisture present in the transformer oil. The dehydrated oil gathers at the chamber bottom and is later sent back to the transformer by particle filtration and deaeration process.

Vendors offering proper oil filtration services should be include in consideration. You can contact and rely on such providers guaranteeing on line transformer oil filtration with professional and skilled professional’s assistance. These centers are equipped with latest gadgets and equipments that help experts in performing oil filtering process without any hassle or barrier. You may approach more of such service centers to get the best deals and services at great price.